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Symphony LLC "botathon" bots

Symphony Communications Services LLC recently ran an internal "botathon" - a hackathon focused on the development of custom bots for the Symphony platform. The event successfully concluded on 2016-08-09, and resulted in the creation of 16 new bots, all of which are being offered to the Foundation.

Note that although this is a single contribution, each bot will be managed as an independent project within the Foundation, given that each has a distinct project team and given some of the constraints of the Foundation's infrastructure.

Contribution Inventory:

These bots represent a variety of functional and technical innovations that, at a minimum, provide a large number of "worked examples" for other bot developers to crib from. Some of them also provide generally applicable extensions to the core Symphony platform that many users of Symphony will find useful.

Proposed roadmap:

  • Varies by project

Possible future innovations:

  • Varies by project

Current state:
All of the contributed bots build and run, however given the (deliberately) time-limited nature of the botathon event, most are not yet at a "production grade" of code quality. As with all contributions, they will be accepted into the Foundation in "incubating" state, then nurtured towards release.


  • Some of these bots were developed by interns, who will (unless otherwise specified) become the project owners of each of their respective projects. When these individuals conclude their internships with Symphony Communications Services LLC, they may no longer have an incentive to actively maintain and invest in these projects.

Copyright holder:
Symphony Communication Services LLC. CCLA is on file.

Apache License, version 2.0



Maurizio Pillitu


Peter Monks