Contribution of Minuet Desktop Wrapper


(see Apache Incubator Format or for inspiration)


Gabriele Columbro added a comment - 21/Mar/16 2:12 PM

  • Gab to work with GS + Symphony to do initial cleanup of license and package names

  • GS + Symphony filing the appropriate legal documetns

  • Open sourcing

  • Merge work will happen in the open

  • First release in the open


Gabriele Columbro added a comment - 30/Mar/16 9:00 AM

Current plan:

  1. Starting this week: Starting from the Symphony DEV branch, Gareth + Team will start working on:
    the basic code changes required for initial open sourcing, namely package name, license headers
    minor Maven modularization, e.g. extract Symphony and GS specific folders in separate modules
    Basic README.MD, starting from internal GS docs on dashNative.
    Chromium update
    Investigation and removal of GS specific functionalities
    We’ll touch base next Monday to evaluate progress, I’ll send invites.

  2. Legally wise, In parallel, we’ll get ICLA/CCLA signed for everyone mentioned here.

  3. The target is to open source by mid / end of April. Can you let me know now if this does indeed sound not feasible?

  4. Once the project is open source, the team can address more strategic activities like:
    Merge of GS -> Symphony code bases
    Committers Pow-how in Palo Alto to agree on further developments

  5. The target is to produce the first release in the open by July


Gabriele Columbro added a comment - 08/Mar/16 10:00 AM

Hi, Bill / Rob,
are you guys going to follow up here. Here's a few next steps I had identified (pasting my email from 03/03):
Agree on the latest version of the code to submit. I understand there are multiple branches, so my suggestion would be use the code currently used by Symphony in Production and merge in whatever changes we need. This could happen once once Open Sourced (in which case you'll need to submit both branches for contribution) or before (in which case you'll contribute only the result). Your call, but can I ask the GS and Symphony Team to connect and iron out a shared proposal?
Do you want to seek for additional initial committers in the WG? I think it’ll be perfectly fair to keep the current list of initial committers and then organically add based on real interest/contributions. Your call.
Make sure your organizations are OK with signing the ICLA and CCLA (at point #2 and #3 of the Contribution Process) and start collecting those
Complete proposal

Initial Commiters:




Github ID


Gareth Davies


Jack McCarthy


Venu Sadda


William Stamatakis


Jon McLachlan


Matt Harper


Lynn Neir


Rob Wisniewski



Gabriele Columbro
February 24, 2017, 6:44 PM

This project has been successfully contributed at
lneir () and mike-symphony () have confirmed having admin access to the repository.

There's an outstanding issue to remove proprietary libs from the codebase and contextually fix the build, but from an SSF standpoint confirmed it's ok to do that work in the open.

The only remaining task for you here would be to merge back + drop onto at your earliest convenience, as that branch is now useless.

Thanks everyone! Took a while but it's great to see this in the open!

Maurizio Pillitu
February 21, 2017, 11:06 AM

The ownership transfer was completed with success; the new project URL is

To know more about the transfer process, please follow this github doc page -

The only admin of the repository is currently Lynn Neir (lneir); feel free to add other collaborators with Admin and Write role, (assuming they have a CLA signed with the Foundation)

The following github users have write access (restored from "Desktop Client Pullers" and "CoSMO" github Teams):

  • chrisfabri

  • dale-quantz-sym

  • gearhead924

  • govindvarshney

  • imrokas

  • Jenkins-SymphonyOSF

  • jonmclachlan

  • mattharper

  • paul-symphony

  • roland-symphony

  • SymphonyJenkins

I didn't add the following github users as collaborators, since I wasn't sure they're covered by a CLA agreement with the Foundation

  • jimmyuen

  • NomadAnand

  • agouaillard

Please let me know if there are any issues, questions or doubts we can help with.

Gabriele Columbro
October 17, 2016, 5:40 PM

I know you are working with GS legal so assigning this to you for the next update.

Maurizio Pillitu
September 8, 2016, 3:25 PM

As discussed by phone with , in order to avoid any issue with Foundation's legal criteria, it would be great to add a NOTICE (or DEPENDENCIES) file on the project's root where DLL dependencies are listed, along with their licenses.

More info on (specifically, LGL-4)

Gabriele Columbro
July 26, 2016, 3:14 AM

Do you have an update on this one?



Maurizio Pillitu


Gabriele Columbro

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