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Application providing example implementation for Symphony App Authentication flow


Symphony LLC has developed a process that allows a third party app using the Extension API to mutually authenticate with the Symphony Client. Once mutual trust has been established at the app level, the Symphony Client can safely provide user information in the form of a JWT to the third party app. See the attached "Application Authentication" document for details.


This contribution will be an example third party app (front end and back end server) that provides a template for developers that want to take advantage of this capability.


Providing an example application will make it easier for third parties to develop integrations removing one of the barriers to building integrations.

Current State

The sample application has been completed and is the process of being QA'ed.

Near Term Goals

  • Improve README to include all steps necessary to get the sample app running on a pod

  • Finish QA

Future Goals


Issues / Risks

  • This example app will only work against a pod that is at release 1.45+.

  • The webhook that provides pod info from Symphony pod back to the third party app server will not be available until 1.46. Until then, Postman can be used to call the server endpoint manually. A Postman message file is provided.

Code and Core Developers

Current SCM:


Desired GIT Repository Name


  • Dan Nathanson / dnsymphony / Symphony LLC

  • Dan Nathanson / dnsymphony / Symphony LLC

  • Glenn Anderson / Ondoher / Symphony LLC

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Maurizio Pillitu


Daniel Nathanson