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NameESCo RoleOrganisationPresent / Absent
Project LeadSymphony LLCPresent
Project LeadGoldman SachsPresent
Project LeadSymphony LLCPresent
Project LeadMarkitAbsent
Project LeadCredit SuissePresent
Venkata VajipeyajulaAdvisorCitiAbsent
Nicholas KolbaAdvisorOpenFinAbsent (sent apologies)
SecretarySymphony Software FoundationPresent

Actions items from previous meeting


5 minRoll call
5 minReview action items from last meeting

See above

15 minAdvisor welcome and introductionsvajipey, Nicholas Kolba

5 minAOB

Meeting notes

  • Quorum was reached
  • Action item review:
    • Peter: Thanks for completing the BoD slides.  I know Gab appreciated having them delivered promptly.  Frank will be delivering them at tomorrow's board meeting?
    • Lawrence: yes that was the plan.
    • Mike: have not yet started writing up the "grace period" proposal, but will deliver something before next week
    • Peter: that would be great. We didn't set an ETA on this, but it would be great to complete this so I (or you) can initiate the vote.
  • Advisor welcome:
    • Neither advisor present, so agenda item postponed to next meeting
  • AOB:
    • <none>

Action items

<no new action items>