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Actions items from previous meetings

  • Frank Tarsillo: come back to James Turck with feedback on third point of proposed revisions to Desktop Wrapper WG charter
  • Frank Tarsillo: work with Maurizio Pillitu on a gap analysis of what would be required to CII certify / badge the  
    • Present that gap analysis at a future ESCo meeting
  • Gabriele Columbrowrite up some points on trust in transparent communities, with a particular focus on why identity, archival / auditability, and addressability are important for the voting system
  • Frank Tarsillo: promote upcoming hackathon internally within IHS Markit
  • Frank Tarsillo: work with Peter Monks on a proposed refinement to the project lifecycle.
  • Frank Tarsillo: setup ESCo advisors with ESCo Bot, once the code has stabilised to an appropriate point
  • Frank Tarsillo: enhance ESCo Bot with email integration, specifically for official vote recording, and to support John Stecher


5 minConvene & roll call

10 minReview action items from previous meetings

See above

20 minDeutsche Bank / desktop interoperability discussion - TENTATIVE!James Turck, Lawrence Miller

Placeholder for discussion around DB's plans around desktop interoperability (working group and/or technology contribution). It's unlikely we'll be ready to discuss this today, but we can keep punting it in the meantime.



Aligning common contributions to create project depth@Frank Tarsillo et al

It would seem there are a few different projects being contributed that could be consolidated. There is a high likelihood of smaller disparate projects being lost in the community. What are our options for guiding the community. This shouldn't be a process, but rather an approach that includes direct engagement with the contributors.

5 minAOB & adjourn

Meeting notes

Action items