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NameESCo RoleOrganisationPresent / Absent
LeadSymphony LLCPresent
LeadGoldman SachsAbsent
LeadSymphony LLCPresent
LeadIHS MarkitPresent
LeadCredit SuissePresent (joined late, sent apologies)
Venkata VajipeyajulaAdvisorCitiPresent
Nicholas KolbaAdvisorOpenFinPresent
SecretarySymphony Software FoundationPresent
Aaron WilliamsonGuestSymphony Software FoundationPresent

4 of 5 ESCo Leads present - quorum achieved.

Meeting notes

  • Working groups status and Members Meeting planning
    • Decision: Aaron to continue conversation with ESCo via email, regarding the best format for working group sessions at the annual member's meeting
  • VOTE: to approve contribution CONTRIB-88
    • +1: 4
    • 0: 1 (John Stecher not present)
    • -1: 0
    • RESULT: The motion passed.