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Event Details

The Foundation's first Open Innovation Challenge for the year is being held on Thursday April 6th, 2017, at the Deutsche Bank Labs, Silicon Valley.  Please review the Hackathon page for general information relevant to this, and all, Foundation hackathons.

Attendance is open to everyone although we'd like to request that interested developers register, to help us with logistics.


If you're interested in collaborating with others or forming a team, please add you name to this table so that you can coordinate before the event.

If you don't have a Confluence account (required to edit this page), you may freely register here.

If you're short on ideas, please don't hesitate to pick one from our project ideas page.

PersonPreferred Platform(s)Project Ideas (& Types)Interested CollaboratorsHow to contact me before the eventNotes

Multi-party X-Pod bot (bot)

peter at symphony dot foundation
I may not have much time to actually hack, as I'm coordinating the hackathon. (sad)

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