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May 18th 2016 - Election Results

Frank Tarsillo and James Turck were elected Members Leads during the 2016 Members Meeting. Congrats Frank and James!

ESCo Member leads election

As per our bylaws, the ESCo is currently missing 2 Member leads. These individuals are to be elected by the Members (Founding + Community) as a single class, as ratified by the ESCo on 2016-01-29 - ESCo - Meeting agenda / minutes.

The process to elect ESC Member Leads (see bylaws for exact definition of their role) is the following:

  1. Member organizations will put forward candidates in the weeks preceding the Members meeting, adding candidate names at 2016 - ESCo Member Leads candidates. Candidates should match the recommended criteria for ESCo candidate application.
  2. Members can discuss candidatures on the Members list at
  3. During the Member meeting candidates will be given an (optional) possibility to present to Members plenary, explaining why they are a good candidate and gauging consensus of both Founding and Community Members
  4. A vote will be taken to elect the two Member leads. Each organizations gets a single vote, regardless of how many employees are attending from that organization

Election process

The election will follow the script described at Symphony_Foundation_-_Member_Lead_Election_Script and the following Ballot will be used. Votes will be counted using this Voting_Tally.

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