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As firms have rolled out their own pods, we've found that the use of chatrooms on the Symphony Public Pod has become impractical due to the compliance restrictions around multi-party cross-pod chatrooms.  While the following chatrooms still exist on the public pod, their use is not recommended.  They are listed here as a placeholder for more permanent chatrooms if/when Symphony adds support for multi-party cross-pod chatrooms.

ChatroomDescription / PurposeWho can join?Access
Chatroom for Symphony core and extension developersAny developer with technical questions (and answers) regarding the Symphony platform. This is a good place to discuss a potential contribution proposal and gauge interest.

Private, access is moderated.

Chatroom for general inquiries on the Symphony Open Source Project.Anyone interested in the Symphony ecosystem and having general question around the project, the Foundation governance and how to get in touch.Public
Chatroom for Symphony Software Foundation Member organizations' employeesAny employee of Member organizations interested in the Foundation proceedings, new or existing working groups and / or propose new code contributions.Private, access is moderated and restricted to Member organizations.

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are available for interacting and participating to the Symphony Foundation: