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Table of Contents

What is the Open Developer Platform (ODP) ?

The Open Developer Platform (ODP) provides a set of online services and best practices to augment the developer experience of Foundation's project teams; it is mainly composed by two blocks:

  1. project infrastructure that provides tools for building, reporting, publishing and other software development aspects
  2. Platform-specific APIs that can be accessed by project teams from their local workstations for development and testing purposes (ie e.g. the Foundation Developer 's Symphony Pod).

Who can access the ODP?

Permanent access to the ODP is available to all approved committers on Foundation-hosted open source projects, for as long as those committers are engaged with a project.  If you have a new project that's in the process of being contributed, you can indicate in your Project Contribution JIRA that you'd like ODP access, and we will provision that as part of the contribution process.

The Foundation also provides temporary access to the ODP for some Foundation-sponsored coding events (hackathons, innovation challenges, and the like).  In these cases, the specifics of both eligibility and the duration that access will be provided will be described in the details of the event.

Requesting access

New committer on existing project

If you have just become a committer on an existing Foundation-hosted open source project, you should request that the project lead create a new issue in JIRA on your behalf, as follows:

  1. Project: Open Developer Platform (ODP)

  2. Issue Type: Request access to ODP

  3. Description:

    1. Link to the project in the Foundation's Github organisation

    2. User info of the new committer(s) on the project (each committer will receive their own User Account):

      1. Name

      2. Surname

      3. Email

      4. Organisation

New project

If your project is newly contributed to the Foundation, you can use the same basic process to register it in the ODP - the project lead should create a new issue in JIRA, as follows:

  1. Project: Open Developer Platform (ODP)

  2. Issue Type: Request access to ODP

  3. Description:

    1. Link to the project in the Foundation's Github organisation

    2. URL(s) of the Custom App(s) to be registered

New contribution

During the contribution process to the Foundation, you should indicate in your CONTRIB JIRA that you wish to have ODP access, and provide the email address(es) of all project committers as well as the URL(s) of any Custom App(s) you wish to have registered.  These will be provisioned as part of the contribution process.

The Foundation Developer Pod

The Foundation's Developer Pod is a hosted Symphony Pod (Developer tier) that allows project teams to develop and test against the Symphony APIs.

Once granted access to the ODP you will receive one or more of the following accounts:

  1. A User Account, that grants you access to with username/password credentials; credentials are personal and cannot be shared; password is initially emailed after registration and needs to be changed during the first login

  2. A Service Account, that allows your Symphony bots/apps to interact with the ODP using certificate-based credentials; certificates are per-project and distributed to and then managed by the Project Lead

  3. A Custom App ID, that allows Symphony extensions (using the Symphony Extensions API) to run against the ODP; this token is per-project and can be shared across different Developers that work on the same codebase

For user accounts, the Pod can be accessed via:

  1. Web Interface

  2. Mobile App (Android/iPhone)

  3. Desktop App (for Windows)

For service accounts, these are the relevant endpoints:



  3. (changed after Symphony API 1.46.0 deployment)


If you want to validate access, you can test using Java (recommended) or using the Agent SDK.

Service Level

This environment is not intended to be used as a Production or Staging environment, therefore it enforces some platform restrictions:

  1. The contents of this environment are not backed up, therefore they cannot restored under any circumstances

  2. This is a shared environment - there is no guarantee of privacy or secrecy between developers - test messages and content sent by one developer may be visible to all other developers using the environment

  3. There is no guaranteed uptime, the platform could go down at any time

Default User entitlements

The following default entitlements are assigned to user and service accounts by default; you can request entitlement to be changed at any time by opening an ODP issue.

  • Can have delegates - No

  • Can edit profile picture - Yes

  • Can create internal public rooms - Yes

  • Can send files internally - Yes

  • Can chat in external IM/MIMs - No

  • Can chat in private external rooms - No

  • Can share files externally - No

  • Can create push signals - No

User Terms

Each ODP user:

  1. Must agree to and comply with the Symphony Business User Terms & Conditions (BUTC);

  2. May only use the ODP for testing and development, not for production use;

  3. May only use the ODP for its own internal business purposes (as set out in the BUTC) or for purposes relating to the Foundation, its operations, and its corporate mission; and

  4. May not (a) use applications developed on the ODP in another Symphony environment or (b) sell or distribute those applications to third parties, unless it has entered into a separate written commercial agreement with Symphony Communication Services, LLC. The sole exception to this restriction is that ODP users may contribute their applications to the Foundation to be released as open source software under the Apache License, v.2.

The Foundation reserves the rights to revoke/deactivate credentials at any time.

Submitting development bugs and feature requests

Developers may submit issues related to the ODP - these issues are only visible to the reporter and Foundation staff.

If you are need new credentials on the the ODP please raise an Access to ODP issue (see above for details).

If you are experiencing issues accessing the ODP, please raise a Bug in the ODP JIRA project, using the “Infrastructure” component.

If you want to raise a bug or feature request against the Symphony APIs, you have two options:

  1. If you are Symphony Customer or Partner, please refer to
  2. Otherwise, you can use the ODP JIRA project to create a Bug or request a new Feature, and select the appropriate component:
    • REST API - Any issue related with the Symphony (Platform) REST API
    • Embedding API - Any issue related with the Symphony (Platform) Embedding API
    • Extension API - Any issue related with the Symphony (Platform) Extension API

If you want to raise a bug or feature request against the Symphony Integrations Framework, please use the open source project's issue tracker rather than the ODP JIRA project.


The ODP is a community project managed by the Symphony Software Foundation and Symphony LLC. There is no guarantee that bugs and enhancement requests will be addressed within any specific timeframe.