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Comment: Punted Deutsche Bank / desktop interoperability discussion as James is out


5 minConvene & roll call
10 minReview action items from previous meetings

See above

30 minDeutsche Bank / desktop interoperability discussion - TENTATIVE!James Turck, Lawrence Miller

Placeholder for discussion around DB's plans around desktop interoperability (working group and/or technology contribution). It's unlikely we'll be ready to discuss this today, but we can keep punting it in the meantime.

15 min

Long term maintenance for

Github link macro

Peter Monks

The project team (Peter Monks and Maurizio Pillitu) for the symphony-java-sample-bots project feel that think that Long Term Maintenance is now an appropriate status for the project. Given that this is the first time we've looked at LTM for a project, I wanted to provide time for ESCo to discuss, ahead of a possible vote.

5 minAOB & adjourn