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  •  Frank Tarsillo: come back to James Turck with feedback on third point of proposed revisions to Desktop Wrapper WG charter
  •  Frank Tarsillo: work with Maurizio Pillitu on a gap analysis of what would be required to CII certify / badge the  
    •  Present that gap analysis at a future ESCo meeting

  •  Gabriele Columbrowrite up some points on trust in transparent communities, with a particular focus on why identity, archival / auditability, and addressability are important for the voting system
  •  Frank Tarsillo: promote upcoming hackathon internally within IHS Markit
        (UPDATE) We are securing the "common area" space in our new building (we are in the process of moving).  This area should be able to accommodate over 40 people with AV available.  Hershal Shah will be coordinating efforts.  The event would have to start after 5:30 PM EST to accommodate working day in the office.   Now that IHS Markit staff are in the same office, I feel there will be broad participation from our side.  There could also be a few non-tech staff curious about the foundation and Symphony in general. 
  •  Frank Tarsillo: work with Peter Monks on a proposed refinement to the project lifecycle.