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See you there folks!

Join us for the 2016 June Developer Meetup sponsored by the Symphony Software Foundation at the Red Deer offices in London.

Check out our confirmed speakers and register today! You can also help us promoting the event by retweeting us.

The event will be partly session based (with presentations from Gabriele Columbro and Maurizio Pillitu amongst others) and partly a hack-a-thon. Check out and propose your project at Hack-a-thon Project Ideas.

2016 has been so far no less than exciting for the Foundation! Below an update on the key Foundation proceedings over the months of January and February 2016.  Hopefully you are at least half as excited as I am (smile)

As usual, don't hesitate to send us your feedback and ideas!



Community & Ecosystem

  • We went live last week with our new website (reachable at both and This is the first step to build a hub for everything Foundation and the main entry point for the Community of Developers. I am planning a larger launch / Call for action in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, I'll need your help to make more noise!

  • Check out our new Community & Member-only Mailing Lists & Symphony chats. Checkout the Get in Touch page for all the details and join the conversation! We welcome feedback, ideas, contribution and Working Groups proposals. Bottomline, don't be shy, let us know what we should be working on.

  • We have (almost) completed the building blocks for the Community & Developer collaboration. Sign up / follow the Foundation channels:

  • We have an ESCo approved contribution process. You can submit your contribution today!

Organization & Governance

  • On 02/25, we had our first Board of Directors meeting since the Executive Director appointment. Key resolutions for the viability & governance of the Foundation were passed, including:
    • Approved Membership Fees and Budget for 2016, due on 06/30/2016. Fees have been set by the BOD to:
      • $100k for Founding Members
      • $35k for Community Members
    • A Foundation officer will be the Secretary of the ESCo. Currently Gabriele Columbro is covering this role.
    • We'll actively seek new Community Members this year, in order to widen even more the horizon of adoption and interoperability that the Symphony Software Foundation can offer to its Members and Financial Services Community-at-large
  • ESCo is fully active and ratifying. Check and follow the wiki to get weekly updates on the proceedings.
  • We have 2 Working Groups active with more than 20 people (from 13 organizations!!!) involved. Check progress at:
  • Check out the Working Group creation process and use it to propose or participate to new Working Groups. And if you are lacking ideas, we are seeking to start soon multiple Working Groups, from Security (CONTRIB-1) to Compliance, from Symphony APIs to Collaborative Content, from DevOps to Release Management. 

Product & Technology

  • The Foundation is working very closely with Symphony LLC on the contribution of the Symphony Core Platform. We will work on product & Foundation readiness in H1, and the code contribution will happen incrementally in H2 2016.
  • We are working to build an API Developer Story, to start building an open source ecosystem of extensions and integrations under the Foundation umbrella. Stay tuned as we'll move quickly on this one. 
  • In the short term we'll Open Source contributions:
    • We are going to open source Minuet (formerly known as Paragon), as part of the Desktop Wrapper Working Group proceedings. Watch CONTRIB-3 over the few weeks for updates. Thanks to the GS and Symphony teams for the great work there!
    • We are working get the first extension contributed to the Foundation (YEAY!), the so called Helpdesk BOT. Watch CONTRIB-2 for updates. Kudos to the Markit (especially Frank Tarsillo) and Symphony teams for starting the collaboration there!
  • Submit your contribution proposal today using the contribution process!





  • Mid-May (date TBC)Board of Directors Meeting, NYC
  • Mid-May (date TBC): Member Meeting, location TBC. Every Member is invited. Schedule, details and agenda to follow. Let me know if you want to host this!
  • We are going to organize Meetups and Hackathons over the next few months. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you want to host a Community event  with the Foundation. Let's get hacking!