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As soon as you have the Service Account certificates, you can run your first bot!

For simplicity, we are going to use the Symphony Java sample bots as it’s very easy to run and includes different examples on the different ways and use-cases to build a Symphony bot.


  • A User Account used to login on (replace the user's email with your own, in the example is

  • A folder containing userbot.p12 and server.truststore (both provided by the Foundation, see above); in the example, we will refer to this folder as ./certs

  • JDK 1.8.x installed

    • java -version
  • Apache Maven 3.x installed

    • mvn -v

Running the HelloWorld bot

Checkout and build the project

git clone
cd symphony-java-sample-bots
mvn clean package

Edit the variables locally (lines 9 to 14)

# BOT_CERT_PATH=./certs/userbot.p12
# TRUSTSTORE_PATH=./certs/server.truststore

Run the script

./ org.symphonyoss.simplebot.HelloWorldBot

Validating the result

You can now log into with your User Account credentials and check if you have received an “Hello World!” message from the Service Account in use.

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