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The Foundation is governed at a high level by a Board of Directors, most of whom are appointed or elected by the Foundation's Members.


The Board has the authority under the Bylaws to (among other things):

  • Establish policies, criteria, benefits, and fees for Members. §4.1(b)(iii)
  • Establish policies for participation in the Symphony Open Source Project, such as: testing and acceptance criteria, product roadmaps, and release schedules. §4.1(b)(ii)
  • Establish policies, procedures, and standards for the Engineering Steering Committee§6.2(b)
  • Appoint two out of five Engineering Steering Committee Project Leads. §6.2(a)(i)
  • Amend or reverse actions of the Engineering Steering Committee§6.2(c)
  • Establish Committees of the Board. §6.1
  • Change the structure and composition of the Board and Engineering Steering Committee§4.1(c)(ii)
  • Appoint and remove the Foundation's officers, agents, and employees. §4.1(b)(i)


The Board of Directors is elected according to the following rules, as set out in the Foundation's Bylaws (§4.3) and Member Policies:

  • Platinum Directors (max. 17). Each Platinum Member may appoint a single director.
  • Gold Directors (max. 5). The Gold Members nominate and elect (as a class) the Gold Directors.
  • Silver Director (max. 1). The Silver Members nominate and elect (as a class) the Silver Director, once at least 10 Silver Members have joined the Foundation.
  • At-Large Director (max. 1). The At-Large (individual) Members nominate and elect (as a class) the At-Large Director, once at least 20 At-Large Members have joined the Foundation.
  • Symphony LLC Directors (3). Symphony Communication Services Holdings, LLC appoints three directors.
  • The Foundation's Executive Director

The current directors can be found on the Foundation's website.


The Board of Directors appoints a chairperson and vice chairperson to:

  1. Work closely with the Foundation's Executive Director to prepare the agenda for upcoming board meetings
  2. Manage Executive Sessions of the Board, where matters related to officer performance and compensation are determined
  3. Work with the Board to set the Board's agenda and facilitate discussion of agenda items
  4. Assist the Executive Director with member development
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