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The Foundation's officers are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, and for supporting and facilitating the work of the Board of Directors, MembersEngineering Steering CommitteeProjects, and Working Groups.


The officers of the Foundation are:

  • Executive Director. The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Directors and also serves on the Board. The Executive Director is responsible for supervising the Foundation's activities, affairs, and officers, and for presiding at Members' meetings and Board Meetings. Bylaws §7.7(b)
  • Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board (and the Vice-Chair, in the Chairman's absence) presides at executive sessions of Board meetings. Bylaws §7.7(a)
  • Secretary. The secretary keeps the minutes of Board and Members' meetings, and the Membership records, and gives notice of Board and Members' meetings. Bylaws §7.7(d)
  • Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer keeps the Foundation's books, manages its accounts, and reports to the Members and the Board on the Foundation's finances. Bylaws §7.7(e)

Current Officers

The current officers of the Foundation are:

Gabriele ColumbroExecutive Director
Christopher R McGuire (Citadel)Chairman of the Board
Nathan Bricklin (Wells Fargo)Vice-Chairman of the Board

Chief Financial Officer (Interim)

[Pending appointment]Secretary

Foundation Staff

Executive Director
VP of Technology
Chief Financial Officer (Interim)

Director of Devops & Release Mgmt

Executive Assistant & Administrative Manager
Marketing Coordinator
General Counsel & Director of Governance
Marketing - Events & Systems
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