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Current activity

Language bindings for the Symphony REST API

This activity involves coordinating the development of language-specific bindings for the Symphony API, including the Symphony Java Client, the Python Symphony module, and the .Net API client. This includes:

  • Collaborating to test and improve the various API clients
  • Establishing more consistent nomenclature, functionality, etc. across language-specific implementations
  • Defining minimum requirements for functionality, test coverage, etc. of "active" implementations

REST API guidelines and best practices

This activity involves defining guidelines and best practices for REST APIs for financial services, including preferred resource naming and default data representation formats. The purpose of this project is to make APIs more consistent for use by developers, to facilitate interoperability across services, and to enable comprehensive language bindings and SDKs to be derived from the APIs. The workspace for this project is here.

API use cases

This work involves defining common API use cases and design patterns for financial services, to inform the recommendations made via REST API guidelines and best practices. The workspace for defining use cases is here.



Anthony FabbricinoBNY MellonChair
Paul TeyssierSymphony Communication Services LLCCo-chair


Tim ChristopherBlackRockParticipant
Symphony Communication Services LLCParticipant
Yuming DengCitiParticipant
JT DupuyWells FargoParticipant
Anthony FabbricinoBNY MellonParticipant
Matthew GardnerBlackRockParticipant
Matthew JoyceSymphony LLCParticipant
Morgan StanleyParticipant
JP MorganParticipant
Peter LeongBNY MellonParticipant
JP MorganParticipant
Joy PeacockBNY MellonParticipant
William QuanJP MorganParticipant
Symphony Communication Services LLCParticipant
Leslie SpiroTick42Participant
Paul TeyssierSymphony LLCParticipant
Credit SuisseParticipant
Symphony Software FoundationObserver
Symphony Software FoundationObserver
Aaron WilliamsonSymphony Software FoundationSecretary

Board Sponsor




BNY MellonBoard Sponsor

Getting involved

If you're a member of the Symphony Software Foundation and would like to participate in this working group, please send an email to Aaron Williamson. We'll invite you to the next meeting and add you to the mailing list.


This working group focuses on the APIs of the Symphony platform, to enable server-side integrations with 3rd party technologies. See detailed charter.

The Working Group was ratified by the Engineering Steering Committee on December 9th, 2016.

Group information



Permanent Manages the ongoing strategy, open source governance and technology choices of the Platform's APIs.
OccurrenceFortnightlyTo start with, might change moving forward.

Public (R/O)
Members (R/W)

Certain firm material may be shared privately.
Mailing Listwg-api@symphony.foundationArchives here (requires Foundation Login)
Meeting minutesAPI WG Meeting NotesNotes, actions and decisions of WG meetings.
Working Group DocumentsAPI WG DocumentsInput and deliverables documents from this WG.

Activity Stream

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